Salisbury is awarded $50k grant for more bike improvements!

For the third consecutive year, the Maryland Department of Transportation's Bikeways Program has selected Salisbury as a recipient of grant funding.

This year's award of $50,000 will be used to create a way finding system of signs, kiosks, and maps to help utility cyclists use a bike for commuting in Salisbury.

Previous years' Bikeways grants helped to fund the Phase 1 (Orange Route) and Phase 2 bike lane improvements. 

This is another positive step toward making Salisbury a more Bicycle Friendly Community.  On behalf of local cyclists, I would like to thank Jake Day, Jim Ireton, Amanda Pollack, and Keith Hall for their hard work and leadership that made this grant award possible.

See you on the road,



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Bike Valet Service comes to Third Friday in September!

Have you wanted to ride your bike to Third Friday, but were not sure what to do with your bike while enjoying the event?  We have a solution!

In September, Bike-SBY volunteers are excited to offer a bike valet service during Salisbury's Third Friday.  The service will work similar to the coat check service that you've seen at performance theater or sporting event.

Here's how it works:
-Bring your bike to our on-street corral.
-A volunteer will take your bike, get your contact information and give you a numbered ticket.  
-Your bike will be tagged and placed in our secured bike corral. 
-Once you are finished enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of Third Friday, return to our bike corral and retrieve your bike.

The service is offered for free, but a cash donation to Bike-SBY would be greatly appreciated!

The bike valet service will be located at the corner of Main and Division Streets.  The service will start at 4:30 pm and end at 8:00 pm.  

Please make sure to retrieve your bike before 8:00 pm.  Any bikes that remain after the bike valet service ends will be left at the bike rack in front of Government Office Building.

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New members for Bike/Ped Committee & Phase 2 bike lanes move forward!

On Monday, July 28, 2014, the Salisbury City Council will be considering several actions will will serve to make Salisbury a more Bicycle Friendly Community.  The meeting begins at 6:00 PM in room 301 of the Government Office Building, located at 125 N. Division St in Salisbury.
First, the Council will consider accepting nominations for the newly-formed Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  Mayor Ireton will be recommending that Matt Drew, John Foley, and Rose MacGregor be appointed to this group.  These nominations, if approved, will fill the first 3 open seats for this Committee, but 4 more vacancies still remain.  If you are interested in joining this group, please apply by sending an email to Mayor Ireton (email: ), indicating your interest.
The second important action that the Council will consider is the acceptance of grant funds for the Phase 2 bike lane improvements.  This project will upgrade the existing bike lanes at Riverside Dr and create a new shared bike lane route on South Boulevard, connecting Riverside Dr to the existing Orange Route.  These bike lanes, and the associated ordinance permitting their formation, will serve to extend our connected network of bike facilities in Salisbury.
Your voice is important.  If you support our efforts to make Salisbury a more Bicycle Friendly Community, please attend this meeting on Monday.  If you can’t make the meeting, please send an email to our elected City Council leaders (email: ), expressing your support for these actions.
See you on the road!
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It's official: Salisbury Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee is a go!

The citizens of Salisbury, and our advocacy group Bike-SBY, have been working hard to make Salisbury more bike friendly.  The group has several accomplishments, including adding bike lanes to city streets, installing bike racks at local businesses, arranging bike commuter training, and holding ride and bike swap events.  One of the group’s long term goals is for Salisbury to become a Bicycle Friendly Community, and it is working to apply for this designation in 2015.  Local elected leaders recognized that, in order for the city to become bicycle friendly, the city needed to create a Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  Once formed, the Committee would be responsible to advise elected leaders on the needs of cyclists and report out on the effectiveness of programs and improvements.

At its May 27, 2014 meeting, the Salisbury City Council voted in favorable of creating this committee.  Mayor Jim Ireton will now be accepting applications for local citizens who wish to serve a three-year term.  All interested Salisbury residents are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to the Mayor Ireton at
See you on the road!
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Amy Wilburn

Matt,  I would like to contact you about an issue we are experiencing in Sussex County in Delaware that might interest you and your fellow cyclists in the Salisbury area. Rumble strips have been placed in the shoulders on Route 24 and right in the bike lane on Route 9.  We are attempting to get this problem fixed and ensure that it does not happen again.  We would like area cyclists to let DelDOT know that the problem needs to be remediated right away.  If you would like to help with this, I can provide more information.  I'm the chair of the state bicycle council.

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Spring cycling fun for all!

Trees are starting to bud and shoots are pushing out of the earth.  Dare I say it; I think spring is here!

We have two great cycling events starting soon that are for ALL CYCLISTS! 

3rd Friday

Bring your bike (and helmet!) to Salisbury's 3rd Friday, March 21th at 6:00 PM.  Meet us at the Bike-SBY table on the downtown Plaza at 6:00 to ride local bike lanes.  This is a great opportunity to ride with a group of cyclists and learn how easy it is to bike around Salisbury.

The ride will be around 4 miles in length and suitable for adults and children 12 and older.  The ride will be kept at an easy pace.  No one is left behind! RSVP for the 3F ride here!

Pedal Thru the Park

Starting March 25th at 6:00 PM, join us on s spandex-free, 6-mile group ride thru the park.  Developed and lead by Joshua Hale, this is a perfect ride to for those who are interested about cycling, but concerned about how to ride safely on a road.  Learn more about Pedal Thru the Park by clicking here!  

Pedal Thru the Park is a weekly ride, held every Tuesday (starting at Main Roots Coffee) throughout the spring summer and fall.  Put it on your calendar and join us!

See you on the road,


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City Park Trails: 1 year later...

It's hard too believe.  

One year ago, I was meeting on a near-constant basis with Tres Denk, Mike Perry, and Jeff Dean of Eastern Shore IMBA (our local mountain bike organization).  We were working closely with our City leaders to craft a plan to allow volunteers to construct and maintain a network of single-track trails in the City park.  

My ESIMBA friends had already been at these negoitations for 12 months prior, and things were looking pretty hopeless.  For a group of committed guys who are a lot more excited about being outside, working with their hands, and riding bikes, sitting in countless meetings with various agencies was mind-numbing.  They had tremendous success building trails for other Eastern Shore communities.  Maybe the juice wasn't worth the squeezin' in Salisbury.

Fast forward to today.

I just returned from another great ride on the very trails that our friends created.  Believe it or not, ESIMBA has strung together a neat, 2.7 mile group of nested loops, interconnect on the north and south sides of the spillway, downstream of Shumaker pond.  The trails are open and ready for bikes as well as hiking.

What made the difference over the last year?  A change in leadership with our City government that relieved a back-log of "pending decisions".  A sense of stick-to-it-ness that drove ESIMBA to finish what they started.  A commitment by private citizens to invest their own time, treasure, and talent to make Salisbury a better community.

A year later, I am awash with appreciation for our elected leaders and committed citizens like Tres, Mike, and Jeff.  Thanks for your hard work, and thanks for letting me ride these great trails!

See you on the road,



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Maryland's 3-feet passing law: a two-way street

Yesterday's bike commute to work in Salisbury was set-up to be lovely: warmer-than-normal temperatures, no rain, clear sky, and no wind.  At the halfway point of my 4-mile trip, my bliss was interrupted as I was buzzed by a late model pick-up.  Before you ask: yes, I was in the bike lane, yes, I was wearing hi-vis clothing, and yes, I had front & rear lights on.

I catch him at the next traffic light and we shared our thoughts on the universe in general and each other in particular, using outside voices of course.  I pointed out that Maryland has a law that requires 3-feet of clear space when vehicles pass bikes.  He pointed out that I should have been somewhere else.  Both of us left the intersection feeling frustrated.

While his actions (in this instance) were still wrong, I realized today that the 3-feet passing law works BOTH WAYS!  Not only is it a vehicle's responsibility to provide 3-feet of clearance when passing bikes, but it is cyclists responsibility to keep 3-feet of clearance when passing vehicles!

What do I mean by this?  How many times have you biked past a queue of cars stopped at a red light, with only inches to spare?  How many times have you breezed passed parked cars on the side of a road, only to startle a pedestrian trying to cross the street between cars?

An old friend shared with me that "in order to get respect, you need to give respect".  Maryland's 3-feet law was designed to protect cyclists, but it provides an excellent example for cyclists to follow and reciprocate in order to improve relations with vehicles.

See you on the road,


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2013: The Year in review

We've made a lot of headway toward becoming a Bicycle Freindly Community!  Check out this infographic! 

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Join Bike-SBY & ESIMBA for Xmas parades in Berlin & Salisbury!

We are planning to have a group of cyclists in costumes and decorated bike join the Christmas Parade in Berlin (Thursday Dec 5 at 6 pm) and Salisbury (Sunday Dec 8 at 1 pm).  Add some lights to your bike and come out and meet your fellow bike enthusiasts!  Heather Towers (Bike-SBY) and Tres Denk (ESIMBA) are organizing both events.

Read more below for details.

See you on the road!






Here are the deets on the xmas parades.  I hop that you can make it to one of these fun events.
Tres [Denk] is heading up the Berlin Parade on Thursday night- so ask him if you have questions.
Heather [Towers] is heading up the Bury parade on Sunday-so let me know if you have questions.
Both parades have rain dates-I'll send that later if it comes to that.  this is the link to the Salisbury parade FAQ, including line up times and locations, which is 1 pm in the old mall parking lot off of civic ave. 
The Berlin Parade group is meeting at John Colley's house, 106 Jefferson Street Berlin 21811, 6 pm to get decorated, then we will ride to set up location. We must be ready by 6:45 pm.
Lights and xmas decorations encouraged.  Lights are more important for the nighttime parade in Berlin.
Bikes around the world is our theme and Dr. Joe has done an AMAZING job making our head bike globe display for this project.  Serious kudo's go to him.

The rest of us are wearing holiday or international themed clothes/accessories.

Each parade leader has some international flags that we can tie onto our bike handlebars-up to a dozen in each parade.
HAVE FUN! (share this with anyone else who needs details)
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