Batemen St bike lane effort was a success!!

Over 19 bike-SBY supporters gathered in a somewhat stuffy room on the 3rd floor of Salisbury's Government Office Building last evening to show their support for bike lanes in Salisbury.  Many wore orange to symbolize the color designated on our map for the first bike route segment connecting downtown, PRMC, and SU.  Tom Horton, Matt Drew, Joe Howard, Dave Schaulk, and Michelle Ennis each patiently waited their turn, then took to the podium to address the City Council members and tell them, from a personal and community viewpoint, why bike lanes were important for Salisbury.

The result was impressive!  The Council voted unanmiously 4-0 in favor of making provisions to permit and fund bike lanes on Batemen Street in Salisbury.

This achievement marks a very important first step for our community.  The process of gaining approval for this improvment could have stopped many times, but the constant attention and show of support from both our cycling community and Salisbury University made this possible.  

It also should be noted that the improvements at Batemen began through a petition drive spearheaded by SU Senior Kevin Rowe, student of Tom Horton.  Kevin: your perserverance has paid off!

Our next step for Batemen will be to continue to work with the City's Public Works staff to make sure that the final design for the bike lanes at Batemen achieves the best possible arrangement for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Stay tuned!!





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Thank you
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Salisbury, MD: Batemen St ordinance was a success!! via @gmatthewdrew
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Great turn out! Thanks for getting involved and speaking up.
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Batemen St ordinance was a success!! via @gmatthewdrew
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